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You can get an OID for your enterprise from IANA at no cost by filling out a form at:
(ignore the SNMP/MIB bit... an OID is an OID is an OID is an OID...)

You can also obtain an OID arc (generally for a fee) from your national standards authority (ANSI in the US).

Your enterprise may already have an OID assigned to it for other purposes (such as declaration of SNMP elements). OIDs are generic, you can delegate items under any arc for use in LDAP.

Under no circumstances should you hijack name space belonging to others!
When you obtain an OID for your organization, remember that it is for your organization and not just for the project which needed an OID. Others in your organization may find use for OIDs too.
So put some organizational structure into the OIDs you make, something like: <organization's OID>.<department>.<project>.<attributes>.<your attribute> for large organizations, or maybe drop <department> or <project> for small organizations. (The <attributes> component is because one typically puts attributes under one OID, object classes under another, and so on.)
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