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reg OIDs..plzzz help!!!

As it goes...to import my data into OpenLdap server, i need to create a schema file of my own, add the required attributes and ObjectClasses into it... include the schema file into the "slapd.conf" and then create my ldif file and run it.
...as i have seen in other schema files of OpenLdap, every Attribute and ObjectClass have OIDs.
We, in our schema file for our previous Directory Server,have just created the OIDs as "attributename-oid" or "ObjectClassname-oid" and i am using the same here. Hence as a result of which, my schema file,though included in " slapd.conf",isnt being referred by the server (thats what i think, correct me if i am wrong!!).
So can i conclude that all this chaos is caused due to the lack of OIDs??
And as a final step i have put a request to "IANA" for a private OID, after getting which i would create a new schema file and proceed.
LET ME KNOW IF WHAT I HAVE ASSUMED AND DONE IS RIGHT......if not......Kindly help me out for doing the same!!!!!!!!!!