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Re: LDAP/BDB log purging

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote, on 28. feb 2007 03:11:


My personal experience is that using the Debian packages for anything is
always questionable. I use Debian as my OS, but everything from gcc up is built into /usr/local. However, I would hope Debian would have included those patches.

FWIW the Red Hat RHAS4 db-4.2.52 installed as-is causes OpenLDAP to puke; I built and install my own rpms, patched to the hilt, and install them with my own Cyrus SASL 2.2.22 rpms on any RHAS4 system I install. Buchan also builds his own discrete-sonamed db-4.2.52 stuff for his OpenLDAP 2.3 on systems where db-4.2.52 might give problems.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl