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RE: LDAP/BDB log purging

--On Wednesday, February 28, 2007 3:12 PM +1300 Lesley Walker <lesley.walker@opus.co.nz> wrote:

So, are you running BDB 4.2 with or without the patches that
sleepycat says you must use to use BDB 4.2?

I would have to investigate that. We're running the Debian packaged version 4.2.52-18. I'm guessing possibly not.

Because I use the patches that sleepycat says
to use, and I have no problems with log purging.

That's probably it, then. <sigh> So now we'll have to decide whether to do a custom build or find a workaround.

My personal experience is that using the Debian packages for anything is always questionable. I use Debian as my OS, but everything from gcc up is built into /usr/local. However, I would hope Debian would have included those patches.


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