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Re: dynamic config support for unique overlay

On 2/27/07 1:12 PM, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Francis Swasey wrote:
On 2/27/07 10:49 AM, Karsten Künne wrote:

I submitted a patch some time ago which I'm still using, but Howards patch is probably much better than mine ;-) . Look into ITS#4506 or try to backport Howards solution from HEAD.

You submitted that on 26. April 2006... 10 months ago and it still hasn't made it into the released code. That's depressing.

Adding back-config support to all overlays/backends is a 2.4 commitment; 2.3 is feature frozen. back-config support for unique is available in HEAD since ever.

I appreciate that 2.3 is feature frozen, but I will assert again that between 2.3.33 and 2.3.34 back-config support was added to the auditlog overlay. So, it appears to me that the freeze has failed to stop all features from getting in.

I will further note that having downloaded the version of the unique.c overlay from HEAD, it seems to compile just fine and work in 2.3.34 (at least from my so far limited testing) -- which means I have tested adding duplicate attributes and it has caught them. I haven't tried using back-config -- other than verifying that the WARNING message about it didn't appear when I started the test server from the slapd.conf file.


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