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Re: change tracelevel programatically

Lukacs David wrote:

I'm using slapd (version 2.2.6) with a custom backend. I've tried
to implement a feature to change the trace level triggered by some
events. I used the following piece of code to do this (found it
originally in log.c):

2.2.6 is so old, it's probable that you're just running into bugs in the actual Debug logging statements (e.g. trying to print through NULL pointers, etc.). The current stable release is 2.3.32.

I suggest upgrading to the latest 2.2 release at least (2.2.30). If you can adapt your code to 2.3 you should do that instead. In the meantime, use a malloc debugger like Electric Fence, it may help you isolate the source of the problem.

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