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Re: problems with bdb-indexes

Howard Chu wrote:
when slapd is started, so I dont think I need to manually create the index after
setting an index to an already existing ldap-datebase. I also didnt find
anything in the docs about creating an index mannually.

That's funny. In slapd-bdb( 5 ) I see:
index {<attrlist>|default} [pres,eq,approx,sub,<special>]
Specify the indexes to maintain for the given attribute (or list
of attributes). .... Note: changing index settings requires
rebuilding indices, see slapindex(8).

thnx. thats it. Dont know why I didnt see that. I read this man-page before asking. I'm completely new to ldap and I'm very confused with loads of things, and seems I was focused on keywords like "reindex" ..

ps: I use slapd 2.2.26 on a ubuntu 6.10-machine

You're almost 2 years out of date. Current stable release is 2.3.32. There are good reasons to upgrade, including the ability to configure things at runtime (without server restarts) and have index changes generated automatically.

I told the newest ubuntu to install ldap and thats what I got. Seems I got something old ... As soon as everything works here I'll upgrade and run into loads of upgrade-troubles ;)


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