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Re: some minor issues with the new ldif-config-style

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wrote:
On 21.01.2007, at 08:34, Howard Chu wrote:
In general, once the slapd.conf file has been converted to LDIF, you should never manually edit the configuration ever again. Do all subsequent changes through LDAP.

Allright, will do. Already tested it, works really great!

3) This is the really interesting stuff: is it possible to start a
"stupid" replication server with syncrepl, who only knows how to connect
>>> to the main server, and then syncs the schemas and parts of the config
>>> to itself? that would be cool, and I guess it can be done. Yet it's
>>> still dependend on question 1 :)

That is a desired feature, but we've explicitly disabled that in
OpenLDAP 2.3. It will probably be enabled in OpenLDAP 2.4, but it requires
>> some other enhancements to the syncrepl system before it can be done safely.

Allright. Thanks a lot for your helpful answers!

By the way, test049 was just added to CVS HEAD showing exactly how to do this. It starts with a bare minimum slave server that pulls its entire configuration and all database contents from a provider. You can play around with it to get an idea of what the 2.4 release will offer. This feature is most likely not in its final form; some type of filtering still needs to be developed to allow parts of the slave configuration to be different from the provider.
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