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Re: Is it possible to only log failed binds ?

Andreas Taschner wrote:
We have a setup with a very high number of binds, so running with loglevel 256 floods the log file.
According to http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200205/msg00120.html John Dalbec wrote a patch for this
for 2.0.21, but AFAICS it was ever submitted.
I would like to have eg. loglevel 64 to see the configuration file processing and then on top of that only failed

Is the only way to accomplish that to rewrite that old patch to the current level, or is there some other way to get
there ?

You should be able to use the accesslog overlay (slapo-accesslog(5)) configured to log only binds and only in case of failure. In that case, logs would appear in the database rather than in the log file. The log database can be purged to keep it under control.


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