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Re: Caching empty results

Thank you two for your answer, I'll update to 2.3 and see what happens.


2006/10/11, Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com>:
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Daniel Montero Motilla wrote:
>> but if I do a search
>> "(uid=bar)" and there is no entry with that uid, this "negative"
>> result is not cached, and every time I try that search, slapd
>> translates the search to the external ldap server. Is it somehow
>> possible to configure slapd proxycache to cache searches with no
>> results so slapd returns the client the answer instead asking external
>> ldap server everytime?
> In short, proxycache cannot do that.  We designed a totally different,
> custom approach to the operation you'd like to accomplish, and it can do
> what you're asking for, but it's a completely different business.
> Moreover, note that negative caching could be an issue if resulting from
> a search that returned nothing because performed with insufficient
> privileges: subsequent operations with adequate privileges would get
> nothing if the negative response were cached...

Not true, we added negative caching to proxycache in 2.3. See the
slapo-pcache(5) manpage for the relevant configuration keywords.

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