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Re: Caching empty results

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Daniel Montero Motilla wrote:
but if I do a search
"(uid=bar)" and there is no entry with that uid, this "negative"
result is not cached, and every time I try that search, slapd
translates the search to the external ldap server. Is it somehow
possible to configure slapd proxycache to cache searches with no
results so slapd returns the client the answer instead asking external
ldap server everytime?
In short, proxycache cannot do that. We designed a totally different, custom approach to the operation you'd like to accomplish, and it can do what you're asking for, but it's a completely different business. Moreover, note that negative caching could be an issue if resulting from a search that returned nothing because performed with insufficient privileges: subsequent operations with adequate privileges would get nothing if the negative response were cached...

Not true, we added negative caching to proxycache in 2.3. See the slapo-pcache(5) manpage for the relevant configuration keywords.

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