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Caching empty results

Hi, I'm using 'meta' backend on openldap 2.2.26 with proxycache
activated, but it is not working as I expected, let's suppose I have
the following configuration:

proxyattrset 0 mail postaladdress telephonenumber
proxytemplate (uid=) 0 3600

If I do a search "(uid=foo)" and 'foo' user exist on the external
configured ldap server, the search is cached and the next time I try
that search the result is obtained from cache, but if I do a search
"(uid=bar)" and there is no entry with that uid, this "negative"
result is not cached, and every time I try that search, slapd
translates the search to the external ldap server. Is it somehow
possible to configure slapd proxycache to cache searches with no
results so slapd returns the client the answer instead asking external
ldap server everytime?

Thanks in advance,