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Re: incomplete slapcat

matthew sporleder wrote:
> What does a slapcat with the -f <config file> produce?
> (To Karsten Kunne's point)
> Also, the slapo-accesslog man page states:
> These slapd.conf options apply to the  Access  Logging  overlay.   They
>       should  appear  after  the  overlay directive and before any
> subsequent
>       database directive.
> Maybe your database is, in fact, getting corrupted by poor ordering.

Interesting.  I read that as the accesslog overlay options "logdb",
"logops", "logpurge" should be listed <under> the overlay directive but
<before> a database directive.  That would seem to contradict the
example in the man page which I based my configuration on:

	    database bdb
	    suffix cn=log
	    index reqStart eq

	    database bdb
	    suffix dc=example,dc=com
	    overlay accesslog
	    logdb cn=log
	    logops writes reads


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