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Re: incomplete slapcat

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> --On Tuesday, October 03, 2006 3:11 PM -0400 Robert Petkus
> <rpetkus@bnl.gov> wrote:
>> Folks,
>> We had a major meltdown of LDAP this morning.  I understood why, but the
>> problem was restoring the database.  slapcat, no matter how invoked,
>> would simply not dump the full contents of the database.  I needed to do
>> a ldapsearch -L.  This one doesn't make sense to me -- any ideas??
>> openldap-2.3.24
>> db4-4.2.52
> Hard to say without knowing how your configuration is, for example, if
> you have multiple databases configured.  You also don't say how the
> database melted down, which make give some helpful clues.
> --Quanah
> -- 
> Quanah Gibson-Mount
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> Stanford University
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I hate making these things long because folks lose interest and stop
reading but my environment is complex so:

Along with the main database, I am also using monitor and accesslog. 
Recently I began storing ssh public keys in LDAP for use with ssh-lpk. 
This past weekend ~15k accounts were added to LDAP and maybe 700 ssh
keys (I manage LDAP not account management..).  Replication failed on 2
nodes.  I noticed on these nodes incoherency because I was using an
outdated custom schema file (my fault) so I decided to wipe the database
and reload it from backup.  Not a big deal but I notice that my nightly
slapcat ldifs (slapcat -n 2 -l ldap.ldif) are polluted with accesslog
entries that *replace* the original entries.  For example, my account dn
won't include, say, sshPublicKey, but I'd see a reqMod entry with this

I can see every dn with a ldapsearch but am missing many dns using
slapcat.  Obversely, when I do slapcat, I get dn attributes from
accesslog that I can't see with ldapsearch.  It looks like some weird
cross-pollination of the 2 databases.

Maybe there is something I am missing in my config.  Here is a snippet
-- the full config is available upon request.


Robert Petkus
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Physics Dept. - Bldg. 510A

database monitor

database       bdb
suffix         cn=changelog
rootdn         cn=changelog
rootpw         secret
directory      /var/lib/accesslog
index          reqStart         eq
index          reqAuthzID       eq
index          reqDN            eq
index          reqMod           eq
overlay accesslog
logdb cn=changelog
logops writes

database        bdb
suffix          "dc=bnl,dc=gov"
rootdn          "cn=admin,dc=bnl,dc=gov"
rootpw          {SSHA}secret

directory       /var/lib/ldap

sizelimit       unlimited
cachesize       500000
idlcachesize    500000