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Re: Return all entries in Client without modify 'sizelimit' of slapd.conf

Phillip wrote:
Hi, Quanah,

Thanks for your concern.I'm sorry to describe my question clearly, here
I try to explain again:

1. In the OpenLDAP, do not modify the "sizelimit" directive, keep it as
default setting.
2. In the client, How to use "ldapsearch -x" to return all the 20000
entries by splitting them into pages?

If you're referring to the LDAP PagedResults extension, that doesn't change the limit at all. The server's sizelimit applies to the entire search request, whether you use PagedResults to get replies one page at a time, or as usual without the PagedResults control.

In other words, there is no way to issue a single search request that returns more results than the server's sizelimit. If you have a sizelimit of 500 and you want to see 20000 entries, you need to issue 40 search requests. That's what the sizelimit means, after all.
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