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Re: "triggers" in slapd

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michal Ludvig wrote:
>> More specifically I need to update shadowExpire in posixAccount object
>> whenever either shadowLastChanged or userPassword attributes are
>> updated. Is that achievable in some elegant way?
> There is no reason to update shadowExpire, since it is merely a count of
> number of days, not a specific date.

Not really. It basically *is* a date, just encoded as number of days
since 01-01-1970. Obviously if shadowExpire==13411 I want to prevent
that user from logging in after "Wed Sep 20 23:59:59 2006", i.e.
tomorrow. But if he changes the password today he should have his
shadowExpire updated to say today+2months.

I'll look at the Password Policy Overlay module ... just a naive
question - is that available for OpenLDAP 2.2.26 or do I need to upgrade
to 2.3.x?