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Re: Return all entries in Client without modify 'sizelimit' of slapd.conf

--On Wednesday, September 20, 2006 9:52 AM +0800 Phillip <phuang@plasmon.cn> wrote:


In slad.conf file of OpenLDAP, the "sizelimit" directive specifies the
number of entries to return to a search request. "-1" means unlimited.
My case is, I have 20000 entries on the LDAP server, if use the default
sizelimit setting, 500, how to return all the 20000 entries by issuing
"ldapsearch -x" in client machine?

Well, you could change the default sizelimit... Or you could look at the "limits" command for slapd.conf, but doing that with ldapsearch -x where it is a pure anonymous bind is likely not really what you want? You really aren't specific enough in what you are trying to do to really give helpful information.


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