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Re: Replication

On 9/14/06, Randy Vinas <rvinas@emlab.com> wrote:


 According to the docs and the FAQ-O-Matic
replication seems straightforward.  However, I'm unable to get it working.

Change slapd.conf to list the new slave.

Done added replica directive on master

Stop slurpd and manually edit slurpd.status, copying the line of and
existing slave, changing the name to match the new slave.

Where is slurpd.status?

I've never had to do this. slurpd would just add the servers for me. slurpd.status is in your <-t directory(defaults to /usr/tmp)>/replica/slurpd.status

Make sure your slurpd is reading the correct slapd.conf and just check
your replogfile

Stop slapd on an existing slave. Copy the database to the new slave. Start slapd on both slaves. Restart slapd on the master. Restart slurpd.

Master = Slapd 2.2.26-4
Slave =  Slapd 2.2.23-8 Thanks for your time,