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Re: Searches lagging at end of search

Jeremiah Martell wrote:

  Here's the situation. I'm using openldap-2.2.17, libldap.

  I bind to the server, successfully. I do a search, successfully. I
unbind, successfully.

  However, when I watch this process with ethereal I notice something
wrong. All the search results are coming back almost immediately (2
seconds), but my code still hangs on the ldap_search call for up to
20-30 seconds.

  Is this a known bug that I need to upgrade my openldap? Has anybody
seen this behavior before? Anybody have any idea what could be going
Is that behavior reproducible with ldapsearch(1) (the command-line tool)? It sounds like you're running a non-indexed search, where all the database is scanned for entries matching the filter, while those that match are stored at the beginning (by chance, I guess). In any case, I'd upgrade to the latest 2.3, given the improvements and bug fixes libldap received.


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