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Re: config_back_db_open and "cannot assess the validity of the ACL scope" in openldap-devel

Gavin Henry wrote:
Hi all,

Just playing in openldap-devel, with the next step being mirrormode, and
get this warning when running slapd with debug on:

    config_back_db_open: line 0: warning: cannot assess the validity of
the ACL scope within backend naming context

So is this a seperate assessment outwith the normal syntax one?

I don't quite understand the warning.
That's quite informative, and issued at a very verbose log level. Basically, the ACL parsing code checks whether a rule will actually be used with the scope it can potentially apply to. For example, if you place a rule

access to dn.subtree="" by * read

within a database with suffix "dc=example,dc=com", the rule might potentially apply to any DN, but since it's placed within a database with a non-empty suffix, it will only apply to dn.subtree="dc=example,dc=com". So the ACL designer might be fooled into believing that it will apply to any entry while it won't. This doesn't mean that the ACL is wrong: it will do what's intended for; that's why the warning is informative. In some cases, the ACL parsing code cannot determine the scope of a rule (for example, when regular expressions are involved); this causes the specific warning you see. If you understood the ACL syntax and you believe your ACLs are correct, you can safely ignore that warning.


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