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Re: back-meta assert failure

Andrew Sharpe wrote:
Thanks for your reply Aaron.

I was of the understanding that the translucent overlay can and will not provide this functionality but the meta backend does. I cannot get the meta backend working in a stable state so was hoping someone would say 'yes, I'm using the meta backend from OpenLDAP version x.x and it's great'.
We're routinely running back-meta and software based on it under fairly heavy load (20000 searches/s, most of them returning a single entry, plus a fair amount of concurrent binds) on stock OpenLDAP 2.3 as well as on CVS HEAD software (that's where the most recent development on back-meta, back-ldap and libldap_r comes from).
The meta backend does provide the functionality I'm after except versions 2.3.24 and the CVS HEAD I haven't been able to configure to provide a stable slapd.
If your builds pass test030, test035, test036 then it might be your configuration.


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