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Re: SuffixMassage and RewriteContext bindDN / Password Rewriting (2.2.23)

Tom Mitchell wrote:
Hi all!

I'm trying to obfuscate the bind credentials for my LDAP proxy which have to put in cleartext in a world readable file. This lead me to two problems with the rewrite engine in the 2.2.23 LDAP backend:

1. SuffixMassage seems to work only as long as I don't add a "RewriteContext bindDN".
"Suffixmassage" is a helper to provide a shortcut configuration of DN rewriting that simply rewrites the naming context of all DNs back and forth. If you need more specific rules, you'll likely need to give up "suffixmassage" and do all the rewriting yourself, because the order of the rewrite statements does matter.
2. I want to use the rewrite engine to rewrite the password submitted by the client.
This is not possible: rewriting is limited to DNs and DN-valued attributes, so you're following the wrong trail.


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