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Re: back-meta assert failure

Thanks for your reply Aaron.

I was of the understanding that the translucent overlay can and will not provide this functionality but the meta backend does. I cannot get the meta backend working in a stable state so was hoping someone would say 'yes, I'm using the meta backend from OpenLDAP version x.x and it's great'. The meta backend does provide the functionality I'm after except versions 2.3.24 and the CVS HEAD I haven't been able to configure to provide a stable slapd.

Any other pointers at how this can be achieved are most welcome.

Thanks, Andrew

Aaron Richton wrote:
I should be asking, "Can someone please point me to example config + OpenLDAP version number in which they're successfully implementing what Pierangleo wanted in his post

I think that Howard's reply (http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200511/msg00214.html) still applies--there's been no relevant redesign since then, so I wouldn't expect anybody to have that working.

Serving a discrete suffix (ou=a,dc=b) with a back-ldap/back-meta backing dc=b is possible with glue. This is much less granular than those messages discuss, of course.