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Re: Question about attribute mapping

At 04:25 PM 7/26/2006, Erich Weiler wrote:
>I have the need for some attribute aliasing/mapping on
>my OpenLDAP server.  When a client requests the return
>of the automountMapName attribute, I would like it to
>return the nisMapName attribute but with the name
>'automountMapName'.  Likewise for some additional
>attribute pairs.  Can my OpenLDAP server do this?
>If so, how?

Yes. See slapo-rwm(5).

>Or, can my OpenLDAP client do this (same build and version as the OpenLDAP server)? 

OpenLDAP client do not provides any aliasing/mapping.  But
you can do such mapping outside of the OpenLDAP client
using your favorite text processor... ldapsearch(1) output
is, after all, LDIF.