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Re: bdb backend - reliable or not?

--On Thursday, July 20, 2006 9:58 PM +0200 Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo@wpkg.org> wrote:

Matthew Hardin wrote:
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Do you have any idea where might we locate this special startup script?

In OpenLDAP 2.3 2.3 slapd automatically recovers the database when
needed. There is no special startup script needed.

So, will it recover, or will it not? I'm confused, I use 2.3.6, and it doesn't recover. After reading lots of posts in this thread, I would say db_recover is needed after an unclean shutdown.

Did you mean a recent 2.3 version (2.3.24 or so)?

If you bothered to read the first email I sent you on this email, you'd note that I specifically said there were bugs in the auto-recovery feature introduced in OpenLDAP 2.3 in the early releases, and to use the latest release. Which you should be doing anyway for any number of reasons.


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