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Re: Problem with file descriptors limit

Hello Aaron,

thank you for the sun´s link! I executed the code on my server, but it
returned de number 8189. :/ I used ldap user to execute it.

I really don´t understand why sometimes my slapd is reaching a "1024 open
files limit".

What do you think about the two links below? Can they help me?

"Yes, you need to recompile slapd/daemon.c with an appropriate value
#define'd for FD_SETSIZE. You probably need to explicitly #undef it first
to remove the default value that glibc uses."

"env CPPFLAGS="-DOPENLDAP_FD_SETSIZE=8192" ./configure
will cause FD_SETSIZE to be set to 8192. "

Best Regards

Aaron Richton escreveu:
>> It seems that the problem is about slapd limits.
> It's unlikely to have a problem with slapd limits. slapd itself can easily
> scale to many thousands of connections (likely more if given enough
> resources). But a common issue is that libwrap uses fopen(), which
> sometimes can't handle as many fds as some other calls.
> Now, on Linux, open() and fopen() are the same limit in my experience.
> That "same limit" should be the value set by ulimit -n. (There's a stress
> program at http://access1.sun.com/technotes/01406.html that might be a
> good test exercise.)
> If you're setting ulimit -n and still not getting desired results, I'd
> wonder if either:
> * whatever means you're using of starting slapd is overwriting the limit.
> maybe steal your slapd init script and replace it with the stress program.
> * do you actually have 8,192 (or whatever) files open? Try
>  ls /proc/`cat slapd.pid`/fd | wc
> when libwrap is complaining.
> With all this said, I've seen libwrap issues before, but the server
> doesn't crash. You might have something more evil going on; might be worth
> filing with SuSE.