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Problem with biinding using non-ascii dn

    I setup openldap as my login source,one problem is I can't using non-ascii as username to login.I found it is because I can't biding openldap using non-ascii dn.
    Here's the successful search:
    ldapsearch -h -D "cn=TEST,dc=gdou,dc=edu.cn" -w password -b "dc=gdou,dc=edu.cn" -B cn=曾隽
    Chinese chars can using in filter and results

    But,this search is fail to bind:
    ldapsearch -h -D "cn=曾隽,dc=gdou,dc=edu.cn" -w password -b "dc=gdou,dc=edu.cn" -v cn=test
    it returns:
    resultCode 49 (Invalid credentials)
    I try to encode it,like:
    ldapsearch -h -D "cn=\E6\9B\BE\E9\9A\BD,dc=gdou,dc=edu.cn" -w password -b "dc=gdou,dc=edu.cn" -v cn=test
    the same result.

    How can I using non-ascii to bind in openldap,I using the same binding config in other ldapserver and everything's fine.

    Please help,thanks

Roy Huang