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Re: Problem with file descriptors limit

I'm not sure if setsize limits matter to your situation.

Please note that

  daemon: accept(6) failed errno=24 (Too many open files)

does not look like

  daemon: 1024 beyond descriptor table size 1024

which does not look like your

slapd[21431]: warning: cannot open /etc/hosts.deny: Too many open files

i.e., your warning is from libwrap, not OpenLDAP, and perhaps you should
--disable-wrappers to make sure that there are no issues with your
environment for OpenLDAP proper and direct libwrap issues toward the
appropriate community once OpenLDAP is running well, without libwrap

> "env CPPFLAGS="-DOPENLDAP_FD_SETSIZE=8192" ./configure
> will cause FD_SETSIZE to be set to 8192. "

I thought from your earlier message that you already tried to set CPPFLAGS
there? If not, it certainly can't hurt, but because your message is not
"beyond descriptor table size" I'm not sure if it'll apply to your case.

slapd still shouldn't be crashing on you. But nobody's going to look at
that (again, with the possible exception of your vendor) unless you switch
to the latest release. And as wonderful an idea switching to the latest
release is, it won't help in the face of OS configuration issues.