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schema check. need advices

with openldap 2.0.27 (very old I know!!) I used the global directive "schemacheck off" into slapd.conf, only to make some exceptionnel updates in the directory (when my shemas change for example). "schemacheck on" is the normal mode when slapd is running
But now I update openldap to the 2.3.19 version and the schemacheck directive is no more supported.
So I need some advices to upgrade my ldap directory.
for example if I change in my schema an objectClass "myObject"and add to it a new attribute "newAttr" that MUST be present . The directory contains some entries with the objectClass myObject. And I want to update it.
In 2.0.27 you can do the following things: stop slapd, update the schema, turn off the schemacheck directive, run slapd with the directory and search the concerned entries to add to it the new attribute "newAttr" . then turn on the schemacheck directive and restart slapd.
I'm afraid that now the only way to do that is to delete the concerned entries whith slapd using the previous shema and then add these entries with slapd using the new schema.
is that right or have you something better?

I've looked in the archive files but only find the "kurt Zeilenga discussion" that do not resolve this problem. is there something new about this problem?

thanks in advance,
Lise Didillon