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Re: schema check. need advices

> with openldap 2.0.27 (very old I know!!) I used the global directive
> "schemacheck off" into slapd.conf, only to make some exceptionnel updates
> in the directory (when my shemas change for example). "schemacheck on" is
> the normal mode when slapd is running
> But now I update openldap to the 2.3.19 version and the schemacheck
> directive is no more supported.
> So I need some advices to upgrade  my ldap directory.
> for example if I change in my schema an objectClass "myObject"and add to
> it
> a new attribute "newAttr" that MUST be present . The directory contains
> some entries with the objectClass myObject. And I want to update it.
> In 2.0.27 you can do the following things: stop slapd, update  the schema,
> turn off the schemacheck directive, run slapd with the directory and
> search
> the concerned entries to add to it the new attribute "newAttr" . then turn
> on the schemacheck directive and restart slapd.
> I'm afraid that now the only way to do that is to delete the concerned
> entries  whith slapd using the previous shema and then add these entries
> with slapd using the new schema.
> is that right or have you something better?
> I've looked in the archive files but only find the "kurt
> Zeilenga  discussion" that do not resolve this problem. is there something
> new about this problem?

You can:

1) slapcat the database; add the attribute to the ldif file; modify the
schema; slapadd the database

2) modify the schema making the new attribute a MAY; restart slapd; modify
the entries that miss it via ldapmodify; re-modify the schema making the
attribute a MUST


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