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Re: Major revision changes

--On Wednesday, May 24, 2006 12:33 PM -0700 Aaron Thomas <athomas@deltacable.com> wrote:

Hello List,

I am dealing with a 3rd party vendor that requests that we install
openldap 2.0.27 rather than a newer version (eg 2.3.19 with RHFC5) in
order to integrate with an AS400 application.

Is there really such a difference between schema between these versions
that running on a newer version of software will break any sort of
configuration issues.  I am not at all familiar with openldap or LDAP for
that matter, but it strikes me as odd that there could be such a
difference between two versions of a standardized protocol.

OL 2.0.x was less strict about schema checking, etc, than later OL releases. So if they have a poorly written schema, or violate schema standards, their LDIF file will likely not work with later releases unless the data is massaged to be correct.

They can also expect very poor performance and no support if/when they hit issues, and of course, they are stuck with the ldbm backend, which is known to suffer from data corruption.


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