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RE: Major revision changes


Thanks for the quick response.

> > Is there really such a difference between schema between these 
> > versions that running on a newer version of software will break any 
> > sort of configuration issues.  I am not at all familiar 
> with openldap 
> > or LDAP for that matter, but it strikes me as odd that 
> there could be 
> > such a difference between two versions of a standardized protocol.
> OL 2.0.x was less strict about schema checking, etc, than 
> later OL releases.  So if they have a poorly written schema, 
> or violate schema standards, their LDIF file will likely not 
> work with later releases unless the data is massaged to be correct.

I was afraid this would be the case.
> They can also expect very poor performance and no support 
> if/when they hit issues, and of course, they are stuck with 
> the ldbm backend, which is known to suffer from data corruption.

The data corruption thing doesn't sit well for me.  I would hope that they have some sort of contingency in place in the event
something that would occur.  

Thanks again for the information, I will go back to them with my concerns and see if we can't work something out.