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Re: problems configuring sync replication

--On Thursday, March 09, 2006 3:01 PM +0200 Chen Shapira <cshapira@mercury.com> wrote:

Hi LDAPers,

I'm trying to configure two ldaps (2.3.11)  to work as syncrepl provider
and consumer, and I'm running into some issues.

1)       Since I configured the provider yesterday, it managed to crash at
least twice. Before that it was up for few month. Can it be because I
have a provider configured but the consumer is not running yet? I've
looked into the documentation, and the way I understand it, the provider
shouldn't really be doing anything unless polled.

You need to upgrade to the current stable release (2.3.20). Many bugs, including issues with syncrepl, have been fixed since 2.3.11.


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