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Re: Trouble with syncrepl & aliases

--On Thursday, March 09, 2006 6:39 AM +0100 Gerald Richter <richter@ecos.de> wrote:


I have problems replicating alias objects. Syncrepl works as it should,
when I now add an alias object it does not get replicated to the
consumer, but if I restart the consumer ldap, giving it a low contextCSN
value on the command line to force a synchronsitation, the alias object
gets replicated correctly. It will not get replicated when both ldap
servers are already connected and in sync. Any other object sync

My alias objects all have an second auxiliary class, which defines an
additional attribute, which are matched by the search filter for the
replication. For all other object it works, that as soon as I set this
attribute, the entry gets replicated to the consumer, only for alias
objects it does not work.

I have tried to further track this down, and it seems to me that the
master is not sending any updates for this alias. Neither in the log of
the master, nor in the log of the consumer I can see anything that looks
like the master is considering sending this entry.

Any ideas what's wrong?

No, but can you specify what version of OpenLDAP you are using? That is helpful information to have.


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