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Re: OpenLdap: User/Group of the Slapd daemon

Try the docs on www.openldap.org.
Here are some hints:
Find your configuration. (possibly slapd.conf)
Look in your configs for the location of your database and other
relevant configurations.
Use chown to change the database files to the user you want to run slapd as.

(If a daemon has to read and write files, it must have permission to do so)

On 3/8/06, Greta Armestar <gretarmestar@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!!!
> I have a question about the Slapd Daemon.. I hope you can Help me, please!!! :o(
> I have problems when I change the execution User/Group of the Slapd daemon.
> I have found some guides and manuals about how to change the execution
> User/Group of the Slapd Daemon, actually, the "chown" command is not
> complicated at all, but I can't execute Slapd with the new User/group
> asigned.
> There is no error returnes when I change the User/Group, but when I
> check with "netstat -puta", the daemon Salpd doesn't appear. Anybody
> has an idea what is the problem? I didn't have any problem when I used
> the default user: "root".
> I have found some manuals which suggest I shoud change the owner of
> some files and directories but there are other manuals which suggest
> other files and directories. Anybody knows about a reliable manual
> abut OpenLdap? I mean some manual that has been tested.
> Thanks,
> Greta Armestar Urbina