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Re: openldap bench / stress free tools

--On Wednesday, March 08, 2006 7:41 PM +0100 Jehan PROCACCIA <Jehan.Procaccia@int-evry.fr> wrote:

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

Here is the second search.

oops, I didn't noticed that , the second might be Mar 8 10:11:10 calaz slapd[4639]: conn=1 op=2 SRCH base="ou=people,dc=int-evry,dc=fr" scope=2 deref=3 filter="(&(mail=*)(|(mail=la*)(cn=la*)(sn=la*)(givenName=la*)(displayName =la*)))"

as the "op=2" tells us ...

OpenLDAP does not by default break searches up into chunks of 50, either. Outlook is either requesting 50 results at a time (maybe paged results?) or you have 50 entries as the search limit on your server.

no 10000 on the server! but there's indeed a 100 siezlimit search on the outlook ldap config and not 50 !?

So perhaps it is using paged results in chunks of 50 then, or something similar. In any case, the "50" bit definitely looks to be originating from Outlook.


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