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OpenLdap: User/Group of the Slapd daemon


I have a question about the Slapd Daemon.. I hope you can Help me, please!!! :o(

I have problems when I change the execution User/Group of the Slapd daemon.

I have found some guides and manuals about how to change the execution
User/Group of the Slapd Daemon, actually, the "chown" command is not
complicated at all, but I can't execute Slapd with the new User/group

There is no error returnes when I change the User/Group, but when I
check with "netstat -puta", the daemon Salpd doesn't appear. Anybody
has an idea what is the problem? I didn't have any problem when I used
the default user: "root".

I have found some manuals which suggest I shoud change the owner of
some files and directories but there are other manuals which suggest
other files and directories. Anybody knows about a reliable manual
abut OpenLdap? I mean some manual that has been tested.


Greta Armestar Urbina