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Re: Problem with replicas (was: reprocessing rejected replica entries)

> El lun, 23-01-2006 a las 14:47 -0500, matthew sporleder escribió:
>> Slurpd will consume the file as it goes through it.
>> If you end up with a .rej after processing the .rej, then your run
>> didn't work and you'll have to investigate further.
> 	So I have still the synchronization problem, although the entry in the
> master server and in the slave on seems identical. isn't it?
> 	Let's come to analyze one of the problems, the first one:
> ERROR: Constraint violation: entryCSN: no user modification allowed

^^^ likely slurpd is connecting with an identity that is different from
the "updatedn", or the slave's slapd.conf does not contain an "updatedn"
directive.  In other words, the master's and the slave's slapd.conf are
not consistent.  Please re-read the Admin Guide about setting up
replication with slurpd and re-check your slapd.conf.


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