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Re: Q: How can I use a different core.schema with 2.3.x?

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 09:09 AM 1/23/2006, Francis Swasey wrote:
No, core.schema is coded into schema_prep.c in servers/slapd

This statement is not correct. While schema elements required for slapd's operation are built into slapd(8), the contents of core.schema, which provides configuration directives for additional schema elements, is not built into slapd(8).

Well, I was actually hoping someone would say something like that. It must be me then. I will try different ways of modifying core.schema and provide a better report where I'm getting stuck.

and you will have to modify that code before you compile it to do that anymore.

Of course, modification of standardized schema elements, whether built-in or specified by configuration directive, is generally ill-advised.

Generally I would agree. In some cases (as I outlined in previous emails) you must do this. I would be greatly interested in a better /more proper solution.


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