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Re: 2.3.18 syncrepl problem

>  I thought level  16384  (0x4000 sync) LDAPSync replication is not what
> I really need.
> All I get is:
> slapd[17949]: do_syncrep2: LDAP_RES_SEARCH_RESULT
> then after 10 minutes (according to syncrepl config)
> slapd[17949]: do_syncrep2: LDAP_RES_SEARCH_RESULT
> Looks like something wrong on another (main) server, but it is not clear
> from man which debug level I have to set from syncrepl overlay debugging.
> This is why I asked for help.

Well, if "sync" doesn't yield any useful info, it appears the problem is
not with syncrepl itself; you should look somewhere else.  What I usually
do is: have a run with "stats" only, to get some overview of what
operations are being performed and what's the outcome.  Then, based on
that, I refine the log level, to avid digging into -1 from the beginning. 
Since sync replication involves (at least) two servers, I'd keep an eye on
both; the issue can be in both, or it may be the result of incorrect


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