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Re: 2.3.18 syncrepl problem

On Thu, 2006-01-19 at 11:15 +0400, Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

> This was "dn".
> Now it starts, but replication doesn't work.
> Looks like I didn't created databases correctly.
> I used slapadd -w -l lfid
> on both hosts.

You should slapadd only the master, and let syncrepl do its work.  If
you load both databases then nothing needs to happen until you modify
something on the master, if this is what you mean.

> Now I see in log only
> put_filter: "(objectClass=belkamAccount)"
> put_filter: simple
> put_simple_filter: "objectClass=belkamAccount"
> ldap_send_initial_request
> ldap_send_server_request
> ber_scanf fmt ({it) ber:
> ber_scanf fmt ({) ber:
> ber_flush: 221 bytes to sd 15
> =>do_syncrep2
> ldap_result ld 0x82e580 msgid -1
> ldap_chkResponseList ld 0x82e580 msgid -1 all 0
> ldap_chkResponseList returns ld 0x82e580 NULL

This log is not indicative,, you're logging the wrong subsystem.  You
should read slapd.conf(5) and understand the meaning of the log levels
before sending partial and unrelated logs.


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