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Re: Berkeley DB versions

I'm still using 4.2.52(+4). Quanah still lists 4.2.52(+4) on his config
website.  I'm not sure if anybody else confesses to using Solaris...

4.3 seemed to go nowhere fast. 4.4 is still a bit new for my taste.  It's
not clear that there's any performance advantage, and there might even be
a performance hit. Check the newsgroup. Do your own tests. (Insert all the
other usual advice here.) If you're looking for sticking with the masses,
I think we're still at 4.2.

As for crashes: Make sure you're up to patch -- both OS and OpenLDAP. Make
sure your builds have full debugging symbols -- this means your dep'd
libraries too -- and start saving the core dumps. (On Solaris, this
usually means coreadm(1M).) Once you've met those two conditions, send the
results (from gdb) to the OpenLDAP ITS. If it *is* Sleepycat's fault, I'm
fairly certain the response you get won't hold back. But there's a lot to
a "db write", and you'd be amazed how a quickly a well prepared report
might result in a commit to back-bdb...