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Berkeley DB versions


Just looking for some feedback from people running DB versions later
than 4.2.52, specifically any comments on whether 4.3.29 or 4.4.16 is
better with openldap.  Comments in relation to Solaris would be
especially welcome.

I'm running 4.2.52 but I've had occaisional crashes (every few weeks),
despite setting up coredumps with coreadm I haven't been able to get a
core dump yet (not quite sure why as it worked when I tested,
investigating further), however logging suggests this happens during a
db write - so if others are finding later bdb versions stable I'm
looking to upgrade.

Thanks in advance

Kevin Spicer
Unix Systems Specialist
Millward Brown UK Limited


BMRB wins two BMRA awards - http://www.bmrb.co.uk
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