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Re: which version to consider "stable?"

John Madden wrote:
2.3.16/bdb has now run here for more than 24 hours without a failure, so it's at
the very least a whole lot better than 2.3.11 was. (This is on Linux 2.6, bdb
4.2, 100,000+ objects, ~4 million operations a day.)

And just hours after sending this, slapd hung. This behavior's different than what I had been seeing before: slapd hangs at 100% cpu usage, eventually refusing new clients.

At loglevel 256, nothing of any use is revealed.  Is there some level I can safely
turn on to help debug this problem?  Will the upgrade to 2.3.17 help?

I'm using the default thread count and I noticed that at higher thread levels,
this CPU situation would happen sometimes within a couple of hours.  Should I go
even lower than 16, or is this another Linux-2.6 issue where I should consider
using 2.4 instead?

There's not enough info here to tell. Attach with gdb and get a trace of all the threads.

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