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Re: ldap_set_option() and ldap_initialize()

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, Howard Chu wrote:

> They are intended for end use. Feel free to submit a manpage to the ITS.

As was always my intention, of course, but it'll probably be neither 
complete nor correct...

> > Can I assume that the options that are supported are the same as at 
> > http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/ldap/ldap/session_options.asp 
> > ?
> Why would you assume anything when the source code is available?

Because I'm not a hard-core OpenLDAP developer, and hence would be unaware 
of any subtleties in the implementation.  I'd rather have no documentation 
at all than wrong documentation...

> Many of the options come from the (expired) C API spec (in the source 
> tree, doc/drafts/draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-xx.txt). The rest are 
> probably OpenLDAP-specific.

Yes, I've since found that; it will do as a start.  Expect a (skeletal) 
man page soon...

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