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Re: API: Getting paged results

Kapil Surlaker wrote:
I am using the ldap_search_s API to search the LDAP server. If the number of
matching entries is large, I get a size exceeded error. Is there a way to do
the search in pages so that I can retrieve few entries at a time, eventually
retrieving all the entries ?

Using paged results does not have any bearing on the total number of entries you can retrieve, it just lets you retrieve the entries more slowly. I.e., the sizelimit applies to the entire search, whether you get the results one page at a time or not. As such the paged results feature is generally a useless waste of resources.

If you really need to retrieve all of the entries, then you need to specify a sizelimit of 0 (meaning unlimited) on your search request, and make sure that the server is configured to honor such a request from you.

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