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Re: API: Getting paged results

While you can certainly implement the paging in your program
through use of the LDAP C API, see ldapsearch(1) for an
example implementation, note that any decent server, including
slapd(8), would prevent a client from paging around
administrative limits intended to restrict the number of
entries a client is able to obtain in response to a search

(Of course, some servers force clients to use paging to
obtain all the entries the clients are authorized to
read, I consider such servers to be broken as they
require clients to implement what should be a truly
optional extension to LDAPv3.  But I digress.)

At 06:34 PM 1/5/2006, Kapil Surlaker wrote:
>I am using the ldap_search_s API to search the LDAP server. If the number of
>matching entries is large, I get a size exceeded error. Is there a way to do
>the search in pages so that I can retrieve few entries at a time, eventually
>retrieving all the entries ?