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Re: increasing cache size for recovery using slapadd how??????

bala <egrpbala@yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi All, 
>        I am trying to recover my openldap database 
> using slapadd, fo that I would like to increase the 
> cache size for faster recovery my DB_CONFIG file in 
> database directory looks like this


> what am I missing, is there any other parameter need
> to set
> to increase the cache size, pls advice.

To make the database files aware of the changes, run "db_recover -e"
(or db4.3_recover, db4.2_recover etc etc; make sure you use the same
version as OpenLDAP was compiled against) on the database directory.


db4.2_recover -e -h /usr/local/var/virtual-data

See http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/utility/db_recover.html for details.

A backup of the database directory is, as always, encouraged.