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Re: openldap libraries & filters

Lieuwe Elgersma wrote:
The absolute best
approach is to perform reads on specific dn's eliminating the need for
filters altogether, but of course you need to know the dn's.

I do know the specific dn's .. but I found that doing say 6000
separate calls is far more expensive then (in my case as I can't do
more then 750 at a time) 7 calls with 750 each.

With the 6000 calls, are you doing reads or searches? There is a significant difference. Also, are you recreating the connection each time? That *is* expensive, even with 7 calls.

I don't know your constraints, so your situation may dictate this approach. However, generating the page at the link:


requires performing over 500 serial reads to a local OpenLDAP implementation, and I can assure you any lag you notice is due to the internet connection and not the directory performance on the 5 year old, sub $1000 server this site currently runs on.

Jon Roberts