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Re: openldap libraries & filters

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
I constructed a filter like (|(cn=xxxx)(cn=yyyy)......(cn=zzzz)) ...
which works fine ... BUT it only works up to a certain number of
(cn=xxxx) filter sections. I haven't found out the exact number but
when I have > 1000 sections the ldap library gives me an "internal
error" code. (it works for 750 elements which is sofar the biggest
number I got to work)

Anyway, I note that your search with > 750 ORed values in the filter is likely to be very little efficient; are you sure you can't help otherwise?

It's been a few years, but I ran some tests on searches with about 200 or so such ORed values and it turned out to be more efficient to compile results by searching for entries individually. The absolute best approach is to perform reads on specific dn's eliminating the need for filters altogether, but of course you need to know the dn's.

Food for thought.

Jon Roberts